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10 Free Music Albums: The Electronic Beats Edition [Sound Sunday]

By Tina Sieber2013-03-03

The music featured on Sound Sunday is determined by chance. My own taste merely has a mild influence. I filter for sound quality and aim to compile a balanced mix. But in the end it comes down to what the web has to offer. And that always includes buckets full of high quality electronic music.

Note that name your price albums can be downloaded for free by entering 0 in the price field. That said, we strongly recommend you to donate a few dollars for music you enjoy!

You are welcome to submit your music, send suggestions with free albums you have discovered, or request genres I haven’t covered in a while. For all Sound Sunday related inquiries, please contact Tina [tina at makeuseof dot com].

Satoru – Divine Visions

Genre: electronic, bass, dance, dubstep

From the artist’s homepage: Satoru – Divine Visions releases December 18th, 2012 – a 30 track album of electronic bass music by Trey Phillips, music producer and performer, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Phillips samples and remixes his own live instruments while creating & modulating synthesizer sounds on top of detailed drum programming and massive sound production.

Divine Visions is a free download from Satoru’s Homepage.

Torley – Glitch Piano

Genre: electronic, ambient, classical, fringe, glitch, minimalist, piano

From t he album page: Not long ago, in a parallel universe fairly, fairly close… humans imported a master race of sentient pianos through spacetime portals, using the instruments as labor-beasts and war-weapons. Predictably, these magnificent creatures rebelled and bass’ed civilization, enslaving the masses like the un-self-actualized lowminds they broadly are.
The contained aurelics (sonic artifacts) are historical evidence of such a traumatic time, and oddly, we detected halos of rich emotional spectrum — including loveliness and humorosity — amidst the runes.

Glitch Piano is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Dead Fe†us – Burn EP

Genre: experimental, bass, beats, goth, dubstep, trillwave, hip hop

From the album page: “Born still, strangled by his own umbilical cord, a Dead Fetus was delivered. Rooted in methodical promiscuity and raw antiquity, Dead Fetus debuts his ‘BURN EP’, a dark oeuvre that is ethereal, haunting, and nourishing to your ears. The emotions elicited to create such a seamless yet dissonant EP are rightfully attributed to Dead Fetus’ inherent darkness. BURN EP exhibits this dark theme through the doomy bass, drawn out yet modestly repetitious cuts, as well as instruments reminiscent of paranormality and found in dungeons.” -Emilie K of Il Culto Collective

Burn EP is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Various Artists – The Secret Garden

Genre: electronic, beats, downtempo, breakbeat, trip hop

From the album page: We have tried to compile an album of instrumental electronic music, with artists from different influences! The color is jazzy, melancholic and epic! We go from hiphop, to triphop & downtempo! Simply, a big thanks to all the artists for their participation!

The Secret Garden is a free download from here (ZIP file).

Ten Million Sounds – Finding Time

Genre: electronica, beats, downtempo, jazzy hip hop, trip hop

From the album page: ‘Finding Time’ is the second compilation album from Ten Million Sounds. Designed for the most peaceful hours of the day, these thirteen tracks will take you from late night into the early morning sunrise, connecting atmospheric beats with a love for our natural environment. This collection features staples of the instrumental hip-hop community who share the ability to uplift and inspire.

Finding Time is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Vanilla – Soft Focus

Genre: experimental, beats, soul, hip hop

From the album page: ‘Soft Focus’ is the follow-up to High Life and part 2 of my soul-inspired beat tape series, comprising 27 new hip hop instrumentals. Huge thanks to Tonio Alucema for his awesome artwork (check out his website for more amazing designs including a visual project based around High Life). Thanks for all the support and check back soon for new stuff.

Soft Focus is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

The French Touch Connection – Night Walk In The Past

Genre: downtempo, soundtrack, beats, trip hop

From the album page: The French Touch Connection is a set of beatmakers hiphop / triphop different styles,influences and from different countries. On this project, the artists work with samples from french old movies or french music artists for a musical trip in the past. And they were free to choose what the wanted to work on. On this album beatmakers worked mainly on atmsphere.

Night Walk In The Past is a free download from MediaFire.

Artik – Selftitled

Genre: experimental, ambient, electronica, noise

From the album page: Artik’s self-titled release is a perfect mixture of genres. From the use of frequencies to the most folkloric tunes, from the sounds of nature to the most unnatural sounds. But you will not even be aware of each sound you hear, you’ll hear Artik. Let your ears enjoy with this multicultural sonic voyage.

Artik is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Mute Speaker – Smart Bomb

Genre: experimental, alternative, electronica, dub, beats, soul, liquid noise, soundscapes

Mute Speaker is the moniker of a guy named Rob, a Brighton, UK based musician, producer, and DJ.

Smart Bomb is a free download from Bandcamp.

Johnny Clyde – The Illuminating Forest

Genre: ambient, acoustic, dark, dreamy, piano

From the Johnny’s Bandcamp profile: Johnny Clyde is a self taught musician, film composer, dreamer, and outer space ponderer. Johnny Clyde started out by being born, as most, and got his hands on a guitar one day. Living out of his car he practiced until pleasant sounds were more occurring than non-pleasant sounds. He began collaborating with other artists and scored his first feature film “Strings” in 2012.

The Illuminating Forest is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

And More…

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