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11 Free Music Albums [Sound Sunday]

By Tina Sieber2012-08-12

free musicSound Sunday is a weekly feature promoting free album downloads. After pausing for an instrumental session last week, this week is packed with diversity and different genres. Have a peek and you will certainly find something to enjoy!

Note that name your price albums can be downloaded for free by entering 0 in the price field. That said, we strongly recommend you to donate a few dollars for music you enjoy!

We welcome you to submit your music, send suggestions with free albums you have discovered, or request genres we haven’t covered in a while. For all Sound Sunday related inquiries, please contact Tina [tina at makeuseof dot com].

Damn Robot! – Jasurp

Genre: alternative, ambient, experimental, rock, post-rock, post-metal

Damn Robot! is the side project of brothers Rob (Inachus, Oceanus) and Tom (Good Weather For An Airstrike) Honey of Winchester in Great Britain.

Jasurp is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Monks of Mellonwah – Stars Are Out

Genre: alternative, indie, rock

From their press kit: “Monks of Mellonwah’s new music video offering for “Neverending Spirit” expresses both heartache and resilience simultaneously, as the song was written in the wake of guitarist and bassist John and Joe de la Hoyde’s grandfather’s passing. Lyrically touching on our inherent connectedness, the band showcase their uniquely honest take on indie rock that has been gaining them so much recent buzz.
Coming off their “Best Indie Rock Act” win at the 2012 Artists in Music Awards in Los Angeles, the Monks have begun to reach listeners worldwide with their new EP “Neurogenesis”. They are currently preparing for an Australian tour as well as booking U.S dates for Fall 2012, where they will perform at the upcoming L.A. Music Awards.

Stars Are Out is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

I Heart Noise – Songs I Like To Sing

Genre: experimental, ambient, indie, pop, noise, rock, post rock

I Heart Noise has been a regular guest on Sound Sunday since August 2010, when their first compilation was released. It all started with the dream to build the ultimate rock music encyclopedia. A small blog was launched and soon the first compilation of independent rock bands and labels came out. Over the past two years, eight more followed, many of which were featured on Sound Sunday. The latest production features independent artist covering their favorite songs.

Songs I Like To Sing is a free download from Bandcamp.

Love Supine – Soundtrack To Life, Love & Drugs

Genre: alternative, indie, emo, goth, rock, soundtrack

From their Facebook page: “Love Supine was spawned from a calm misty body of water, a place within all of us where an undercurrent of lost hope flows. Forsaken over life’s time, Love Supine evolved into an ethereal vigilante of Love, whose sole purpose is to rescue all defenseless souls from a ubiquitous dimension of hatred, blind faith and insecurity. Let the Love fly…
Kak comes from no one before him, and is the root of everything after him. An angst from the past, and a dark love in the present, and a hurricane lamp to the future. Kak is a surreal exploitation of your intellectual sensuality, elevating you supinely to another dimension of yourself. Feel the warm breath of reality, get brushed by the touch of will, submit your soul to the Love……the Black Wings Of Destiny are here….
Do you wanna be a Lover?

Soundtrack To Life, Love & Drugs is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

The Barrens – Selftitled

Genre: alternative, indie, psychedelic, rock

From their press kit: “Formed in upstate New York and then transplanted to New York City, The Barrens are currently blazing their way through the underground scene with a raw and powerful sound. Ranging from heavy, grungy rock to colorful, soaring psychedelia, The Barrens draw on a vast lexicon of addictive hooks and melodies to stun audiences at their explosive live shows. They have been featured on the Deli Magazine, Indie Darkroom, and Glide Magazine. In addition to being in rotation on over 30 college stations all over the US, they were also selected to play the CMJ Festival in New York City and NXNE Music Festival in Toronto.

The Barrens is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Claire Westbrook – Selftitled

Genre: indie, pop, singer-songwriter

Claire Westbrook is a piano teacher, songwriter, and blogger from Oklahoma City. From her blog: “My name is Claire. I am an ex-public school music teacher of 3 years who now spends my time as a stay-at-home mom. Being the keeper of my home is very rewarding and I would pick this over a teaching job any day. I am a musician who loves teaching piano lessons, songwriting, choral music, and would give my left arm to be in Pentatonix. Other hobbies include running, thrifting, and being a part of the band Mopak.

Claire Westbrook‘s selftitled album is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Andrea – Bedtime Stories

Genre: electronic, electronica

Andrea is an electronic music artist from Paris, France. He won Bad Panda Records’ Kodak To Graph remix contest, earning him a remix released on Bad Panda Monday.

The Soul Electronic writes: “Andrea presents an EP comprised of soulful, mesmerizing explorations in R&B-inspired noise. Bedtime Stories features two lovely originals from Andrea: “Work the Middle” and “Going Down”, which pleasantly ebb and flow via textured shuffles and lush, gentle melodies. The former track is successfully remixed by TSE favorites Kodak to Graph, Real, and Kyson, in addition to two artists with whom we were previously unfamiliar: Glasgow’s Grobbie and the relatively anonymous Splinter. A fantastic release through and through.

Bedtime Stories is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

PhaRo – Convictions/Confessions

Genre: beats, chill, jazz, piano, samples, hip hop

PhaRo is a producer from Leuven, Belgium. He’s posting inspirational images and music on his Tumblr.

Convictions/Confessions is a free download from Bandcamp.

Modlee & Vlooper – Sunwalk

Genre: experimental, beats, soul, hip hop

From the album page: “For our 13th installment, we have Modlee & Vlooper who are a great representation of the Montreal, QC beat culture. Although their chemistry in sound is undeniable, their connection is much deeper. These two are a supreme duo that are sonically connected personally through love and the music that they create together.
VLOOPER is part of the Alaclair Ensemble who have a deep progressive momentum that is spreading worldwide. His solo work and collaboration release ‘Analog Love’ with Modlee was a great success in 2010. The whole vibe of this EP has a future-soul and forward thinking sound direction that compliments Modlee’s vocals. Modlee compliments the depth and style of Vlooper’s productions.

Sunwalk is a name your price download from Bandcamp.


Genre: r’n'b, house, soul

From her Bandcamp profile: “A.L. is a singer/songwriter from East London. Her music ranges from a variety of genres including Funky House, R’n'B, Neo Soul just to name a few. A.L. has developed her own unique style which includes thoughtful lyrics with a soulful and strong vibe to anything she features on.

A.L. VS J DILLA: THE LB EP (THE LAID BACK EP) is a free download from Bandcamp.

Port Authority – We Ain’t Back In The Day

Genre: soul, funk, hip hop, rap

Port Authority sport members from all over the place. Based in my favorite city Vancouver, other members hail from Calgary, Halifax, and Brooklyn. HipHopCanada writes: “The boys of Port Authority hail from the far East of Canada all the way to the West Coast and in between, with a little Brooklyn flavor thrown in for good measure. These four dudes come together to create the bumpin’, grimy hip-hop album you’ve been craving.

We Ain’t Back In The Day is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

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