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3 Best Websites To Find & Book A Bed Online

By Tina Sieber2010-07-29

hostelsSummertime is travel time. What is your destination this year and where are you going to sleep? If you still need to find a place to stay, you should have a look at the three pages I’m reviewing in this article.

These are the best and most helpful sites to find accommodation anywhere in the world. Thousands of travelers use them for reference and lave their feedback, thus the ratings and reviews are a thorough revelation. In addition, HRS offers special deals for its users. Read on to see the strengths of each of the services.


Hostelworld advertises that it is the world’s number one hostel booking website.

find and book hostels

The interface is clear and easy to use. Enter your destination, arrival date, length of stay, and off you go to find the perfect hostel. The results page lists all available hostels, which can quickly be sorted by name, rating, availability, or price.

Very useful is the > Map View, which reveals the relative location of the hostels on a Google Map.

cheap hostels

When you open the site for a specific hostel, you are welcomed by > Info & Rates. In the > Map & Directions, you’ll find respective information, and detailed ratings and visitor feedback can be found under > Reviews. The sidebar shows the current location and dates you are looking at, which hostels you have viewed recently, and the top rated hostels of your current location.

cheap hostels

Once you proceed to booking, you have to pay a 10% deposit right away. The rest is payable once you arrive at the hostel. In addition, Hostelworld takes a service charge of £1, €1.50, or $2, depending on the currency you selected.


The ad on the start page shows that Hostelbookers is a fierce competitor of Hostelworld.

cheap hostels

The basic setup is similar to Hostelworld. However, when you pick a country, you will find a list of the top 10 (searched) before a list of all countries. In addition, the start page lists the current top deals and top hostel destinations around the globe.

Hostelbookers’ results page highlights featured listings and also offers a > Map View.

find hostels by location

The hostel page offers a thorough overview, ratings & reviews, and maps & directions. The sidebar is occupied by the booking box that shows the available rooms and respective rates.

amateur hostel

As with Hostelworld, you have to pay a 10% non-refundable deposit upon booking your room. However, Hostelbookers does not charge a booking fee. Moreover, they guarantee the lowest price and I’m sure you can hold them accountable for it.

Whether or not you mind a booking fee or prefer one layout over the other, when you cannot find a hostel on one site, it is worth checking out the other. Hostelbookers scored for finding an available hostel in a city for which two other pages reported no rooms were available. The hostel was probably not listed on the other sites.

Hotel Reservation Service

If you don’t fancy a hostel or can’t find one, you should use HRS to find a hotel.

amateur hostel

The search interface is slightly different as it allows for a more specific search. You can specify the maximum distance of the hotel from the destination you selected. You can also define a minimum star rating.

The results page provides a > List with many details: the exact location, HRS Stars, price, included meals, distance from the city center, distances from central station, airport, and highway, and finally available facilities.

amateur hostel

The > Map scrolls down from the top and shows the location of the hotels. The > Gallery provides an overview with less daunting details. Exclusive HRS prices and hot deals are highlighted with respective icons in both > List and > Gallery view.

find hostels by location

In the sidebar you can refine your search by limiting the price per night, HRS Stars, and ratings. You can also set various filters, such as type of hotel, room facilities, and services at the hotel.

Whether you click on the hotel name, price details, or information and reservation, the hotel page will open in a separate popup window. Despite the typical information, it also contains a > Weather tab that shows the latest forecast.


The reservation process loads in the main window. HRS doesn’t charge fees, at least none that are obvious. Since you only make a reservation, no deposit must be paid. Nevertheless, the reservation is binding.

Before you proceed to book a hostel or hotel through any of these sites, visit the homepage of the desired house and see what the prices are there. Even though Hostelbookers guarantees the lowest price, you might save a few cents on your credit card bill, if you can secure a bed without having to pay a deposit. Or you may find that the place currently offers a special deal.

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What was the best hostel or hotel you ever stayed at and how did you find it?

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