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3 Handy Sites To Check Out Before You Buy A Car

By John McClain2010-08-26

where can i research or buy a new carBuying a car can no doubt be a stressful experience. There are just plenty of things to worry about, from whether or not you’ve picked the right car, what the reviews are saying, if it’s going to be reliable, and if you’re paying too much. Let’s not forget about the unfortunate reality of having to deal with car salesmen either.

Yes, the car buying experience can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. With the Web, it’s easy to simplify everything to avoid some of the hassle and frustration altogether.

Here’s 3 handy sites to check out before you buy a car.


First, perhaps the most important thing to do is to research a new car and figure out what kind of car is right for you. With so many makes and models out there to choose from, how do you make that process easier? That’s where CarZen comes into play.

where can i research or buy a new car

The site allows you to quickly select a vehicle that fits your specific needs. All it takes is just a few simple steps. First, just pick any of the body styles you are interesting in along with your price range.

new car reviews

A list of possible cars for you is shown below and from there, you can go on and select your personal preferences, including your specific needs, wants, and style, to narrow down the list further. Once completed, just review your results to check out the cars that are perfect for you.

Displayed for every match in your results is the percent match based on your needs, along with basic information about the car, including MSRP, invoice, and MPG. Below that, you can review the report card of how the vehicle was scored followed by a helpful overview of the model, basic stats, styles, and features.

new car reviews


Next, now that you have an idea of exactly what car you want, head on over to MotorMouths. The Web is chock full of various car reviews and ratings from different providers, and that’s where this website can come in handy.

new car reviews

Just type in the make or model of the car in the search box at the top. If you have yet to decide on a car, you can also browse for vehicles.

Once on the car’s page, you’ll find the unique overall score, which is based on the scores critics awarded the vehicle in published online reviews. The site also displays the individual scores and the gist of the review, along with who reviewed the car, the critic’s credibility, and the style reviewed. Simply hit the link for the full review or the video review if there is one.

new car buying tips


If the reviews check out and you’re all set, be sure to check out TrueCar before you take the plunge. The site features the real prices of new cars and trucks so that you can be certain you’re not overpaying.

new car buying tips

Once you find your vehicle’s price report page, the interactive chart pretty much says it all. The comprehensive curve includes the dealer cost, sticker price, and factory invoice. What we’re really interesting in though is the average paid, which gives you at least an idea of what a good price for the car is.

where can i research or buy a new car

Karl has also shown you three websites that can help you buy a car and when you finally have a vehicle, you will want to keep a perfect car maintenance schedule won’t you?

What websites do you visit before you buy a car? Have any of these helped you? Let us know in the comments.

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