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4 League Of Legends Streams To Make You A Better Player

By Craig Snyder2013-04-21

league of legends streamsWhen it comes to competitive online gaming, or eSports, League of Legends is at the very head of the class. It’s amazing to see how playing an online game can transform into an actual career now. We have people on the web who we literally regard as virtual athletes, and the eSports community can only grow from here. Dota 2, StarCraft II, and other games are in this same field. There are star players and names that many gaming enthusiasts follow and know of just as well as any basketball or football player.

The great thing about online gaming is that there are no restrictions. If you learn the game and you own a computer, you have just as good of a shot as anyone at becoming a professional. You don’t need to know the right people. You don’t need some sort of scholarship or anything like that. You play, improve, get noticed, and essentially make a job out of entertaining others while playing this game.

Who better to lead you on that sort of route than the people you know and respect already? In this article, I want to point out four of the best competitive League of Legends streamers that can help you improve your game.


Voyboy is a professional League of Legends player who currently plays with Curse Gaming. He plays the top lane and loves teaching others little tips and tricks. You can find his League of Legends stream on Twitch.

league of legends streams

When you watch Voyboy play, he is constantly narrating his decisions and play style. During champion selection, he’ll take his time and analyze who to play and explain why. He’ll always outline his approach to the upcoming game and explain his runes and masteries to viewers.

It’s a consensus community opinion that Dyrus and Voyboy are the two best top lane players in North America. The difference between Dyrus’ stream and Voyboy’s stream is that Voyboy puts a huge emphasis in making sure that his viewers learn something new. Dyrus streams to entertain and Voyboy streams to teach. If you’re looking to become a great top lane player (especially with Akali or Zed), you want to watch Voyboy.


Without a doubt, Scarra is one of the most likable players in the competitive League of Legends community. He’s always happy, willing to share information, and enthusiastic about playing. He plays for Team Dignitas in the mid lane and has a huge pool of champions that he is comfortable with. His streaming schedule is very random, but it’s always a treat when you can catch him online on Twitch.

league of legends streamers

What makes Scarra a very good streamer to learn from is the fact that he is almost always talking. Every single decision he makes is explained in detail. Though he is known best for playing his Katarina and Gragas, Scarra regularly pulls out a surprise or two during his solo queue marathons. I’ve seen him play a very effective Blitzcrank in the mid lane, and just watching and hearing him play that game makes me feel confident enough to give it a shot sometime.

Scarra is a very positive player and loves seeing his teammates play well. If you watch Scarra play, you will learn!


Doublelift has been streaming less frequently, especially during the Championship Series and after own3D finally turned all of their streamers over to Twitch, but it’s a big deal when he’s online and playing.

league of legends streamers

It’s no secret how Doublelift is regarded by the community. You either love him or you hate him. He is very arrogant and is one of the game’s best trash-talkers, but you have to respect his gameplay. In my opinion, he is the best AD carry in North America. That’s reason enough to pay attention to his stream.

When streaming, Doublelift doesn’t go out of his way to teach anything about the game to his viewers. He is the type of player that you watch and pick tips up from as the stream goes along. He is often streaming as a duo with his support, Aphromoo, and you can learn a lot from the communication between those two. I credit Doublelift with teaching me the importannce of using attack move, rather than just right-clicking. If you want to be a better Vayne or Caitlyn, you better watch this guy when he’s online.


Xpecial plays the support role like it’s an artform, and he’s a very special player. Team SoloMid is probably the most popular League of Legends team in the US. Xpecial is their quietest player. He may also be their smartest.

league of legends streams

Right now is a great time to be watching Xpecial’s League of Legends stream. Recently, Chaox was removed from the team and that means Xpecial has a brand new AD to support. Watching his stream means you’re going to be able to see how that AD-support relationship begins and you’re going to be able to pick up some great advice.

I learned to play Janna, Sona, and a few other supports that I had no interest in by watching Xpecial. He calls out a lot of very important things to his lane partner while streaming, and he’s the perfect player to watch if you have a passion for the support role.

These four players stream as often as possible so that their fans can learn and be entertained with their gameplay. If you want to improve, the best way may be to steal a few pointers from the best players in the game. These four are names that are definitely at the top of that list.

Do you want to suggest an appropriate jungler to watch while streaming, or have any comments about these four players? Let us hear them in the comments section below!


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