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5 Sony Franchises I Want Brought Back For The PS4 [MUO Gaming]

By Dave LeClair2013-03-12

sony franchisesSony has finally announced the PlayStation 4, ushering in the end of the longest console generation in recent memory. Sony showed plenty of exciting games at the press conference, such as Bungie’s Destiny, a new Infamous, and even Diablo III. However, there are some franchises that used to be synonymous with Sony platforms that are sitting idly and watching a new generation of gamers get into the hobby with no knowledge of their greatness.

These poor franchises stand as a beloved part of video game history, and that’s all well and good, but I want to play a new version of them. Sure, HD remakes of the older games are nice, but what gamers need is a completely new experience designed from the ground up to work on the new platforms. Sony’s promises of sharing games with friends via video streaming is exciting, but what would really make me jump for joy is a triumphant return of some of the best franchises from the PS1 and PS2 days of yesteryear.

Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter is very similar to Metal Gear in that it’s a stealth-based action game that stars a hardened soldier trying to stop some kind of crazy world-ending weapon. Okay, so it’s almost exactly like Metal Gear, and the fact is, it’s just as awesome.

sony franchises

Metal Gear has gotten away from its stealth roots, especially with the release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (which is still an awesome game, by the way). It’s the perfect time for Syphon Filter to come back with a next generation stealth action game on the PlayStation 4.

Jak & Daxter

It’s long past due for another Jak game to hit a Sony console. There has not been a proper Jak game since the PlayStation 2, and that is just not acceptable. During the PS2 games, they were a sony staple, and it needs to be that way again on the PlayStation 4.

old game franchises

Naughty Dog is currently busy making Uncharted and The Last of Us, but I am sure they could make some time for one of the franchises that made them famous in the first place. It’s been nine years since Naughty Dog made a proper Jak and Daxter game, it’s about time to change that!

Crash Bandicoot

There was a time when Crash was going to be Sony’s Mario. The character was featured in many standard platforming games, just like Nintendo’s plumber. He even had plenty of spinoffs such as the Nitro Kart games (much like Mario’s own cart racing games).

old game franchises

Crash may have moved on from being a Sony exclusive, but that doesn’t mean the PS4 is any less of a perfect place for him to make a triumphant return in a proper platforming game. He doesn’t need the mascot status he once had, but he certainly deserves the respect of a proper next generation release.

The Legend Of Dragoon

Legend of Dragoon is not the best RPG ever made. In fact, it received mixed critical reviews when it first launched on the PlayStation. In spite of its flaws, it really is an awesome game, and one that needs some love on the next generation of Sony’s video game platform.

old game franchises

A sequel was actually in the works for the game, but it has since been canned. Hardcore fans of the franchise were devastated by the news, and with the horsepower of the PS4, the time is right to bring this massive RPG back (it was four discs on the original PlayStation). No one is sure why Sony canceled the sequel, but it’s time to let bygones be bygones and bring it back!

Ape Escape

The first Ape Escape game hit the original PlayStation way back in 1999, and it has received plenty of sequels since then, but none has been as awesome as the original. Sony released a game for the PlayStation Move recently, but that’s not what gamers are looking for. We are looking for a proper sequel equipped with the addicting Ape Escape gameplay we know and love.

sony franchises

Ape Escape 4 is almost certainly in development, so it’s likely that this is one we could actually see on the PlayStation 4. Of course, it could end up being another PlayStation Move or Vita game, but all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that Sony brings back the charm and fun from the original Ape Escape.

What Do You Think?

What franchises do you want to see on the PS4? The PS1 and PS2 had some amazing exclusives that seem to have been forgotten. This console generation is the perfect time to bring them back. Is there a Sony franchise you miss? Hit the comments section and let us know!


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