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6 Ways To Watch YouTube Without Going To YouTube

By Yaara Lancet2013-02-22

watch youtube videosDo you sometimes get tired of YouTube? No, I don’t mean of YouTube’s content – it’s so diverse you can always find something new and exciting to watch – I’m talking about YouTube’s interface, with its suggestions, comments, and clutter. For me, YouTube’s interface is sometimes a reason all by itself to not watch YouTube videos at all – it’s just too messy.

In the past, we’ve covered many browser extensions for a better YouTube experience, extensions that dim the light for better YouTube watching, and others that simply get rid of annoyances and make YouTube better. These are all browser extensions that take the existing interface and tweak it around to it’s not as annoying, but did you know YouTube’s interface is not a must to enjoy YouTube videos? Heck, even a browser is not always a must. Wondering how? Check out this list of alternative interfaces and ways to watch YouTube. Happy watching!


watch youtube videos


Desktube is a YouTube viewer for desktop, iOS, and Web, and provides an alternative experience to the one you get on YouTube. You can use Desktube anonymously, or log in with your Google account to like, comment, etc. Desktube comes with its own built-in search, so you don’t have to go through YouTube at all – you can simply launch Desktube and find your daily dose of videos. It also supports playlists, subscriptions and favorites (requires a log in), and group viewing for when you want to watch YouTube videos with friends. If you opt for the iOS or desktop version (requires Adobe AIR), you don’t even need a browser to enjoy your YouTube videos.


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