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Access Your Computer From Anywhere on Your iPad

By Nancy Messieh2010-12-13

remote access computerAccessing your computer from anywhere using your iPad is relatively easy to achieve, whether you’re using a Mac, PC, and even in some cases, a Linux machine. You can gain remote access to your own computer when you’re away from home or the office, help a friend out with their computer remotely, or even give a presentation from your computer to someone else’s iPad, all with the use of apps available for download for free from the iTune’s store.

In addition, if you would rather access specific folders or files (of any kind) that has also been made possible for Mac and PC users.

VNC and Screen Sharing

TeamViewer HD

TeamViewer is one of the easiest ways to get full access to your computer from your iPad [iTunes link]. While Teamviewer is also compatible with the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android phones, using it on the iPad is of course much easier because of the larger screen that gives you easier control over the various features.

To get started with TeamViewer HD, install the application on your Mac, PC or Linux machine, and launch it. It will instantly give you a username and password that you can share with anyone with whom you want to give remote access, or use with the iPad app.

remote access computer on ipad

No need to mess around with hostnames and ports – it’s all done for you. The great thing about TeamViewer is not only its ease of use, but also the flexibility with which you can use due to the fact that it supports so many platforms.

If you would prefer to use an easy-to-remember password on a consistent basis, you can select it under your preferences, otherwise the password will change each time you close the application.

remote computer access software

From your mobile device, you can type with an onscreen keyboard and control the mouse by dragging the cursor around the screen, giving you full access to all features on your computer.

remote computer access software

TeamViewer HD is free for non-commercial use only, and is offered on good faith that users won’t abuse their policies. The application is ideal for giving tech support to family and friends, controlling your own computer from wherever you are, or even can be used to give realtime demonstrations from your PC to someone else’s iPad.

Connect My Mac

Connect My Mac [iTunes link] is another easy way for Mac users to gain access to your computer using an iPad or iPhone. Rather than have to install anything on your computer, the connection can be achieved using your Mac’s inbuilt sharing settings.

Navigate to your System Preferences and open the Sharing window. Make sure that Screen Sharing is checked, and make a note of the VNC address that is displayed on the screen.

remote computer access software

Don’t forget to add a password, found under computer settings, to limit access to your computer.

remote access ipad app

Launching Connect My Mac, enter the address as your hostname, enter your password, and connect.

remote access ipad app

The advantage to using Connect My Mac over TeamViewer is the fact that you don’t have to install any extra software on your computer, and that you also have access to the Cmd+Opt+Esc function in the event that any of your applications freeze.

remote access ipad app

iRemoteDeskTop Free [iTunes link] from the same developers as Connect My Mac gives Windows users similar access to their Windows desktops. Unlike Connect My Mac, however, it will require the installation of a small program on your Windows machine to gain access.

Media and Files

If you would rather access specific media and files on your iPad, or even download them to your iPad, your best bet is ZumoCast [iTunes link]. The app which is, amazingly enough, free gives you access to all kinds of files, including your music and video files, and pretty much any folder you choose. All you have to do is install the ZumoCast app on your Mac or Windows machine, and you’ll have easy and secure access to your files from your iPad or iPhone.

remote access computer

What method do you use to access your computer from your iPad? Let us know in the comments.


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