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Call Filter Alarm: Choose People Who Can Call To Wake You Up [Android]

By azim2013-05-21

A lot of people use their smartphone as a people alarm clock, meaning that they let other people call them at a specified time in the morning or day to wake them up. However, if you simply leave your smartphone turned on when you go to sleep, there is a risk that anyone can call you at any time and wake you up. That’s where Call Filter Alarm comes in. It is an Android app that lets you receive calls only from selected people for every single alarm and shuts up all the other calls and SMS messages.

To try it out, download the app from the app store. Launch the app, define the alarm, choose who can call you and before going to sleep, enable sleep mode. Your phone will ring only for people whom you have selected. Other calls and SMS messages will happen in silent mode. You will see the missed calls and/or messages when you wake up.


You can set the tone (music or ringtone), volume, vibration and snooze for allowed calls and SMS messages and even for every single alarm. The app is free and available for download from the Google Play store.



  • Select people who can call you to wake you up.
  • Personalize sleep mode as you like.
  • Set tone, volume and vibration for allowed calls and SMS messages.
  • Set volume, volume increment, snooze, tone (music or ringtone), vibration for every single alarm in addition to application level.
  • Daily alarm repetition.
  • Incremental alarm volume.
  • Manage WiFi activation/deactivation, data usage, offline mode and silent mode.
  • Available in English and Italian.
  • Requires Android version 2.2 and higher.
  • Similar tools – WakeUpDialer, WakeSmarter.

Check out Call Filter Alarm @

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