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Can’t Remember The Words To The Song? Check Out These 5 Sites

By Joshua Lockhart2012-12-05

the words to the songIt’s happened to all of us – we have a song stuck in our head, but we just remember the lyrics! I’m sure that all of you know that horrible type of frustration. However, there just doesn’t seem to be a cure….just kidding, of course there is. In an effort to help those of you struggling to remember the lyrics of songs, there are quite a few websites out there that will help you out.

Below we have five of those sites that are devoted to your music-related woes. Granted, there are tons of them out there, but personally speaking, I believe these are the best. So whether you are in a radio-karaoke bind or an office music discussion, these sites are sure to help.


the words to the song

The website eLyrics is a great site for those of you trying to find song lyrics that are fresh and relevant in today’s music world. On the homepage you’ll find quickly accessible to links to all of the latest songs by the top-rated artists as well as a selection of the top 25 songs on the site. As a note, all content on this site is user-submitted, and this can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to potential errors.

Granted, there is a section for each set of lyrics in which users can submit corrections and even translations (consider “Gangnam Style”).


look up words to a song

MetroLyrics is another basic lyric site, but it does have a few other features to offer. Besides a clean, less-gaudy layout (unlike most of these types of sites), you’ll find that the homepage is designed to stay up to date on music news and information. On the site there are brief articles about artists and new music videos (primarily in the pop realm), but the focus is still on the lyrics.

Despite these extras, you’ll still find a wide selection of lyrics on this website to choose from.

A-Z Lyrics

look up words to a song

A-Z Lyrics has a less-than-stellar design, but it’s definitely the content that matters. The site offers lyrics much like any of the other sites you see here, but it also has a prominent feature which allows users to request lyrics if they aren’t already available. It would likely be a rare event for this to happen, but the site claims to have a 90% successful rate (granted, I’m not sure which scientific steps were taken to prove this).

Besides that, there are areas for watching music videos and checking out the latest artist singles.


look up words to a song

Unlike the other sites found here, SongMeanings is a sited devoted to understanding the foundations of our favorite catchy tunes. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t showcase the actual meanings as stated by the songwriters, but it does utilize a commenting-like system for users to debate the possibilities. That said, I can’t vouch for the meanings behind every song, but I can say that most users have fairly solid points.

In addition to that, you’ll see proper lyrics for each and every song. As a note, you will find many songs without the discussions behind meanings. Although unfortunate, the site does still serve its purpose for finding lyrics.


the words to the song

Have you ever known only part of a song, but you couldn’t remember the the rest of the lyrics or the title? FindMeATune will help you with just that! Simply search for a few lyrics, and the website will help you with the rest of your needs. After searching, you’ll be presented with several possible matches (with hopefully one being right).

Additionally, you’ll be able to pick through a selection of Amazon MP3s by the most likely artist if you want to buy the song.


That’s all for song lyrics, folks! Perhaps you’ll be able to finally get rid of that song that’s in your head now that you know the correct lyrics. (Eh… maybe not.)

What other websites do you use for finding song lyrics? Have these websites helped you at all?

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