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Create Embeddable Maps Of Your Flickr Photos With TripperMap

By Angela Alcorn2010-11-12

flickr map embedHere’s a little something for Flickr fans who want just a bit more out of that data they’re putting into Flickr. TripperMap (once known as FlickrMap) is a mashup of Google Earth and your own Flickr account.

What this means for you is that by tagging your photos in Flickr you can create a map which you can put on your blog, allowing your friends to browse your photos according to where they were taken. What better way to showcase your holiday?

The premise is unbelievably simple: Sign up, connect your Flickr account and make sure you tag your photos. Get a widget code from TripperMap to put on your blog and – voila! Instant personalised Flickr map.

Why Use TripperMap?

By creating a TripperMap of all your photos, you can display a map on your website or blog. If you travel a lot, this is useful to visually show your friends where you’ve been. Plus, they can easily click on the photos in the locations they’re most interested in and get a feel for what your trip was like. It’s essentially your ongoing, visual travel record.

This could be a fun way for families to stay connected, for instance when someone travels a lot for work or when someone moves overseas.

But Let’s Go Through The Steps

What’s a little confusing at first is that the TripperMap website shows off some great tagging tricks and features you can use. But never fear, those are merely options available to dedicated users. It’s not required, so ignore it for now. Click on “Make Your Own Map Now!“.

flickr map embed

There’s an option for a paid account, which gives you the ability to add route lines for holidays you’ve taken. However, the free account is perfectly usable and more than flexible enough for most users.

The email address entering works beautifully once you get the right one, but it’s a bit of a trick question since I don’t use an email address to sign into Flickr, and no they don’t mean You actually have to remember which email address is buried in the settings for that account. When you’ve plugged in the right email address for the account you want, TripperMap will show you some public photos from the account.

flickr map mashup

Next, you set up an account. It auto-fills your email address, but you don’t have to stick to it. I’m a little worried about this, since it hasn’t used any authentication to Flickr and isn’t forcing me to verify the account is mine by sending an email to the Flickr address I chose. Essentially, anyone could make a map out of anyone’s photos (but you won’t, will you?)

After you’ve logged in you still need to wait for your photos to be added to your map. If you’re very keen, you can search for individual photos and check their location in Flickr.

flickr map mashup

While you’re waiting, click on “Get Your Map” and grab the code you want for your site – Javascript or Flash. The width can be adjusted if you want.

From here on in, everything you need to do to make this map better can be done on Flickr. So, the only time you really need to come back to TripperMap is if you want to get the code again or want to recall the best way to tag photos.

Tagging Photos

Now, any photo of yours that has already been tagged correctly, geotagged in Flickr or has GPS EXIF data will automatically add itself to the map. Any future Flickr changes will be reflected in your TripperMap, too.

If you want to tag your photos using text, add a tag in Flickr of the full name of the town and country (in quotes if it’s more than one word). For example, “New Zealand” would need to be in quotes.

Advanced Tagging Tools

TripperMap have made a great Google Earth Tool to geotag your photos.

flickr map mashup

It is fairly straightforward to use, but TripperMap have made a great video you can watch if you’re not sure. The TripperMap Geotagger authenticates with Flickr to update the location in Flickr and that data is then available for other Flickr tools to use, too.

Thoughts About TripperMap

I love the idea and the map created by TripperMap. I think it’s a great tool and that more people should give it a go.

flickr map embed

It would be wise, I think, for TripperMap to promote itself as a set-and-forget tool. The maps themselves are quite good advertising for future clients. Plus, the TripperMap Geotagger could easily be promoted as a service to all Flickr users – I’m sure it would attract new users to TripperMap.

I would certainly like to see TripperMap using Flickr authentication during sign-up. And crazy as it may seem, I think TripperMap could benefit from having an even less cluttered Web 2.0 style “this is a simple as it gets” sign-up process that doesn’t cloud you with features until you’ve already realised it’s easy to set up.

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Show off your TripperMaps and let us know what you think in the comments.


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