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Delete Duplicate Files Quickly With These Tools

By Joel Lee2013-02-15

delete duplicate filesOne of the fastest ways to clog up your hard drive is to store duplicate files. Most of the time, you probably aren’t even aware that you have duplicate files. They come from a variety of places: accidental copies, misplaced files, multiple downloads, etc. But one thing is for sure: they can really bog you down.

A lot of duplicate files stem from a need to keep a file “safe” because you don’t want to lose it, so you copy it and store it away somewhere. Until you forget where you stored it, so you download another copy of it. Unfortunately, these duplicates aren’t caught by typical disk cleaners, which means that they’ll pile up over time and eventually render parts of your hard drive memory useless.

With these quick and simple tools, though, you’ll be able to identify and clear out duplicates within minutes and free up a lot of space that you didn’t think you had. Plus, all of these tools are FREE so you have nothing to lose!

dupeGuru [Windows, Mac, Linux]

delete duplicate files

dupeGuru is probably my favorite duplicate cleaning tool because it has a ton of great features: cross-platform availability, entirely free, multi-language support, fuzzy matching algorithm (explained below), and you can customize the matching engine to find certain types of duplicate files.

So what is fuzzy matching? Basically, even though two files are exactly the same, they can still have mismatched filenames. For example, sometimes you’ll have an example-file.avi and example-file(1).avi. dupeGuru can find these similar-but-not-exactly-similar files and realize that they are duplicates.


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