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Don’t Let The Criminals Win: 5 Tools & Tips For Preventing Burglary

By James Bruce2013-02-22

tips for preventing burglaryJudging by the popularity of our last home surveillance article, it seems quite a lot of you are increasingly worried about the security of your home. Whether that fear is justified or not, it’s always a good idea to take precautions and be ready.

Read on as we examine technological tools and tips that you can employ to both protect your home, and help deal with the fallout should the worst ever happen.

As ever, please don’t take this as legal advice. Check local laws first.

Home Surveillance & Offsite Backup

Let’s get this one out the way first as it remains a strong deterrent to any determined intruders. We did a group test of various computer based surveillance packages before (and an update here from 2 more surveillance solutions), so read that to find out the best packages.

tips for preventing burglary

Your main choice will be between spending on a “proper” outdoor network based camera, or DIYing a solution with an old webcam, as well as how many cameras to place. Whatever you choose, be sure to make outdoor cameras obvious so as to actually act as a deterrent – a flashing red LED, placing the camera in clear view from the front (the front of the house is best).

You might want to set up additional cameras inside your house in the home office or hallway, as most burglars won’t be expecting internal cameras in a residential zone. At least you might be able to catch them.


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