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Ensure Your Facebook Competition Doesn’t Shut Down Your Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

By Angela Alcorn2013-02-12

If you run any sort of Facebook page – even a small one – you may have considered running a competition. And why not? Competitions are a great way to get people talking and interacting with your page, which is just what you want to keep things on your page active and interesting.

You should listen to a few words of caution though before you get started, as not all of your competition ideas will be approved by Facebook. There are a few important things to note about competitions that you need to adhere to. If you don’t, Facebook might shut down your page. Read on and make sure you know what’s allowed and what’s not.

Entrants Can Like, Add Apps Or Check In – That’s All!

To keep your competition in the clear with Facebook, the only actions on Facebook that you can require of your entrants is liking a page, adding an application or checking into a place. Anything else is not allowed and could get your page banned!

So, in other words, condition of entry to the competition can’t include entrants uploading photos, making a wall post, sharing a post or answering a question in a comment. They can do this for fun, but it can’t be a requirement of the competition. Sadly, many page managers don’t understand this and will ask users to do these things in order to enter a competition.

Don’t Use Facebook Tools For Competition Entry

You also need to ensure that there is another step to registration for the competition. This means you can’t have a competition where liking a page, checking in or adding an app automatically enters people to the competition. It can be a condition of entry, but not the mechanism by which they are entered.


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