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Fotoable Allows You To Organize Your Camera Roll [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

By Dave LeClair2012-12-14

By default, the Camera Roll on iOS is not exactly the most functional part of the mobile operating system. It lets you view your photos, but it does not do it in the most functional and organized way. It just shows you a giant list of photos which is easy enough to scroll through, but it most certainly could be better.

For just scrolling around and browsing random photos, it’s great, but if you need to narrow in on a certain photo, the process becomes less enjoyable. Thankfully, there is an app out there that can serve as a replacement for the Camera Roll, and it makes the experience a lot more pleasant.

Fotoable is an awesome app that serves as a replacement for the default Camera Roll. It allows you to organize your photos into albums, so you can find a specific photo quickly and easily. Best of all, it uses the Photo Roll, so it does not copy all off the photos and make doubles. This saves valuable space on your device.

You can grab Fotoable free from the App Store for a limited time. The app normally costs $1.99, so don’t wait, because before you know it, you will have missed the boat.


The main feature of this app is the fact that it organizes your Camera Roll. It has a smart organization feature that is really cool. It scans your photo for ones that were taken at a similar time and that look alike. You can batch select these and put them in an album quickly and easily. Unfortunately, this only gets photos that look similar and are clearly together. This will get you started, but you are going to have to handle the rest of the photo organization manually.

To add photos to albums manually, you need to click on “Main Album” and scroll through the photos. Click the button on the top right of the screen to enter selection mode. When you see one you want to add to an album, click the select button. Once you have selected all the photos, click the “Move” button on the bottom of the screen and select an album. If you don’t have an album that they fit into, click the “+” sign and create a new album.

It might take a little time to get all the photos in albums, but once you do, it will make finding your photos so much easier. As you are going through the process, you can also add photos to your favorites by clicking the heart button. The photos you store in your favorites will automatically scroll on the top of the main screen, which looks really cool while browsing the app.

The app also comes with cloud storage. You can select any of the created albums to be stored in the cloud. This allows you to see your pictures from other devices. You can also go to the app’s website from a computer to upload photos that are not on your iPhone.

The app lets you share to almost every service imaginable. Common services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are included, and there are more obscure options like WeChat included as well. If there is a place you share photos to, the chances are great that the app has you covered.

As an added bonus, the app comes with a full-featured photo editor. You can enhance them and make them look better and you can even add filters and frames to pictures. Just the photo editor alone could be its own app, but its included with the rest of the app, and that’s just awesome.


This is an amazing photo app. It allows you to organize your photos and make them easier to find. You can share your pictures on almost every service imaginable and it even comes with a full-featured photo editor. Best of all, it’s free on the App Store for a limited time! Don’t wait, because before you know it, the app will go back to $1.99 again!


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