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Get Bumpin’ With Bump For iPhone: Your Easy, Instant File Sharer [iPhone]

By Joshua Lockhart2013-02-21

iphone file sharingTransferring your photos, videos, and other media between devices has always involved a mess of hoops or cables. However, Bump for iPhone strives to take the in-between chaos away and replace it with something a bit easier: bumping. Yep. All you have to do is bump your device into another, and all your desired files can be shared nearly instantly. But is it too good to be true?

No… I’ll be honest with you. It works, and I like it. However, I find it kind of silly that you physically have to bump your devices together. Why’s that? Well, read on, dear MUO-traveler, for in this article I will explain how Bump works while also offering insight as to just why it is so awesome.

The Method

I was surprised about the simplicity of Bump. First, I opened the app on my phone and pulled the Bump homepage up on my Mac. Then I literally slammed my phone into my spacebar, and both my iPhone and Mac were instantly connected (after approval, of course). From there on, I was able to share my photos. There weren’t any signups or local searches for my device – it just worked right away. The device functions similarly between phones and other devices. For instance, with another iPhone, all you must do is slam your mobile into someone else’s mobile, and you’re instantly connected.

Admittedly, I should stop using the word “slam“. There will likely be a lot of people angrily commenting with broken phones. A gentle tap will suffice.


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