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Get Rid Of Facebook’s New Graph Search With This One Simple Trick

By Yaara Lancet2013-03-01

remove facebook searchUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Facebook’s new Graph Search. We’ve written about it several times here on MakeUseOf, but just in case you’ve managed to miss it, I’ll briefly explain what it’s all about (feel free to skip this if you already know).

Graph Search is not really revolutionary. Rather, it’s a new way to search for data that’s always been available. Graph Search is just a slicker way to perform an advanced search, and in fact, several sources claim that such a feature was already available on Facebook seven years ago, only to be scrapped. There’s no doubt that the new and improved Graph Search is far easier to use than a regular advanced search, but technically speaking, that’s all it is.

Angela has already taken you through preparing your account for Graph Search, telling you everything you should take into account if you’re thinking of enabling it, or if your friends are using it. If it’s already on, and you like it, you can check out several cool things you can search for with Graph Search (haven’t you always wanted to know where Mark Zuckerberg has been too?). I’ve even asked you to share your opinions on Graph Search, and many of you didn’t like it. So what happens is you’ve gone to the trouble, signed up for the feature, enabled it, but now you hate it? Are you stuck with it forever and ever?

The Good News

The good news is that there’s a simple way to disable Graph Search. If you’ve tried it out and your mind is set on hating it, you don’t have to keep staring at that blue bar that keeps telling you to “Search for people, places and things”. So yes, you can get your “old Facebook” (or the newest old Facebook, to be accurate) back, at least until Facebook decides you can’t anymore. What do you have to do?

remove facebook search

Sell your SOUL!!!!

Well, no, not this time. Start by accessing your Account Settings from the cog menu. Go to the General tab and find the Language settings. Now change your language from English (US) (no, I’m not assuming you’re American, Graph Search currently works only in this language setting) to anything else you wish. If you only speak English, English (UK) or English (Pirate) should do the trick. If you speak any other language, and don’t mind having the interface in that language, switch to it.

remove facebook search history

A second after you hit the “Save Changes” button, you’ll be rid of the curse of Graph Search. At least for now.

remove facebook search history

This is a very simple workaround, but remember that’s all it is – a workaround. Which brings us to…

The Bad News

The bad news is that we’re dealing with Facebook, not a do-it-yourself customizable social network. In the past, you’ve had the chance to opt into new features such as Timeline, but once you’ve done it, there was usually no way to opt back out. Facebook has been through dozens of significant redesigns since its rise to popularity, and every single time there’s an uproar of people who don’t like it. Remember this?

remove facebook search

How mad were you when this was taken away from you? How good does it look now? The point is, Facebook is not in the habit of letting you choose your interface, so don’t expect to avoid Graph Search forever. The language workaround will most likely stop working as soon as Graph Search becomes available for other languages.

Don’t Despair!

As with other hated features such as the news ticker and chat sidebar, some Graph Search disabling add-ons might pop up when the feature becomes more widespread. Worst case scenario, you’re stuck with it. But look at the bright side, it actually makes the Facebook toolbar look better, and you don’t have to use Graph Search if you really don’t want to.

Have you had a chance to try Graph Search? Do you love it or hate it? Have you found a brilliant way to remove Facebook Search? Tell us all in the comments!

Image Credit: Devil’s Workshop


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