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How To Buy A Laptop Or Notebook PC In 2013

By Matt Smith2013-01-29

how to buy a laptopThis is an exciting time for the PC. Contrary to predictions of its death, the personal computer isn’t going away – but it is changing and, in some ways, becoming more personal. Touchscreens, convertible hinges and efficient processors are making a mark.

Changes like this make buying a laptop at the beginning of 2013 a bit different from buying one at the same time in 2012. Many basics are the same, yet others have altered radically, and specifications that used to matter now are adequate in almost any computer sold.

Drop The Top – Convertibles Are Here!

how to buy a laptop

The most substantial change that’s here to stay is the rise of the convertible. Though still niche, a number of new convertibles have been announced or released since the introduction of Windows 8.

First things first – before you figure out how to buy a laptop, you need to decide whether you need a convertible? A laptop with this feature can turn into a tablet by sliding or swinging the display, eliminating the need for a separate tablet. This makes them a good choice for people who desire a tablet yet don’t want to be burdened by multiple redundant devices.

Weight is an issue with convertibles, however, which makes them a compromise for people who prefer to use a tablet for most computing. They also don’t offer any cost savings over an inexpensive laptop and mainstream tablet.


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