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How to cache offline maps in latest Google Maps for iOS

By Jason Cipriani2013-07-17

Google Maps for iOS 2.0 is out and it brings with it an iPad version, along with the ability to cache maps for offline use.

On Tuesday Google released an update to Google Maps for iOS, as promised. The update's most notable new feature is the addition of Google Maps for iPad.

One other feature added to the app that isn't completely obvious is the ability to cache a portion of a map for offline use. The process is identical to the Android version, requiring users to type a key phrase in the search bar.

The phrase? "OK, Maps." Perhaps the Maps team was a bit envious of the Glass team garnering attention for a similar phrase, or it's the start of a new trend within Google. Who knows?

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Once you enter the phrase and tap on search you'll see the Google Maps icon show up on the screen. Once the icon is no longer transparent you'll see a message at the bottom of the screen stating the area has been saved.

Trying to cache an area that's too big will result in a prompt telling you to zoom in and make the overall area smaller. To save a large area you'll need to zoom in, save that location, move the map to an adjacent area, save, and repeat.

The only way to access your saved maps is to go to the location you've saved manually. Currently there isn't a feature that allows you to jump straight to cached locations.


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