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How to get free Play store cash from Google

By Jason Cipriani2013-11-07

Google has released a survey app where users are rewarded with free Play store credit.

Want a quick and easy way to earn some Play store credits by offering nothing but some time and your opinions? Of course you do!

And Google wants your opinion, so it has released an app called Google Opinion Rewards for Android users. The app is free and only takes a few minutes to set up, with the process requiring you to take a survey. Your answers to the initial survey will be used to customize the surveys you'll receive on your device in the future.

According to Google Consumer Surveys announcement on Google+, users of the app can expect one survey a week. After giving your honest opinion on the matters at hand, your Play Store account will be credited with a yet to be determined amount. Surveys can range from multiple questions to simply picking your preferred logo.

As an Android user, signing up for something like this doesn't require much thought. In the end I get money in exchange for offering no more than my opinion, and I can do it all directly from my device. Sign me up.

If you sign up and receive a paid survey, comment below on your experience. There are sure to be a lot of users who want to know what it's like before signing up.


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