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How To Produce A Professional Marketing Or Vacation Video In Minutes With Videolicious 2.0 [iOS]

By Bakari Chavanu2012-08-08

how to produce a professional videoIn May of last year, I reviewed Videolicious, one of the first apps of its kind to make editing together video, photo, and sound clips a mere three-step process. But now with the revamped Videolicious 2.0, users get even greater control over the editing process, making productions even easier.

Nearly everyday we might view short and long commercials, event videos, documentaries, product reviews, news reports, and the like (see my last article for a list of ideas) which consist of a collection of video clips, background music and voiceover narration. With video editors like iMovie and Final Cut, producing these types of videos requires importing videos, using timeline tracks, and syncing music. For most video productions, in the age of YouTube, that might be too much work. Videolicious offers an alternative.

How It Works

To understand how Videolicious productions work, first view the video below. Longer and more elaborate videos can be seen on the Videolicious website. Videolicious works great for marketing presentations, but in order to make them look professional you will need to do some planning.

If for example you’re doing a marketing video, basically you want to do a quick outline, mentally or on paper, of the video clips and/or the photos you want to show. You of course use your iPhone or iPad to shoot the videos and photos. You can shoot clips from with the Videolicious app itself, but I suggest using the default iOS camera app so you can trim them if needed. Remember also to use close-up composition and panning to make your clips interesting and powerful. Video clips should be relatively short, about 10 seconds (however, as you’ll see in the next step, Videolicious allows you to cut clips during the narration process.)

If you can think and speak on your feet, narrating your Videolicious video simply requires you to select and talk about the clips in the order you want them to appear. However, for a more polished narration, you might type your voiceover script and read it during the editing process.

Editing Your Clips

After you have completed your shots, this is where the power of Videolicious kicks in. This editing process is a little tricky at first, so you will want to practice it a few times before you do a real or live production.

After launching the app, in Step One, select the video clips you want to use your in production. With Videolicious 2.0, you can actually select video clips and photos in Camera Roll, in the order you want them to appear. Your mental and written script should indicate the order of your clips.

how to produce a professional video

In Step Two, you Tell Your Story – this is the voiceover narration part. By default, Videolicious sets up this part with the front facing camera of the iOS device enabled. So you might start your narration with a shot of yourself introducing the topic of your video. To do this make sure the first clip in the editing window is not enabled (no green border). Tap the record button on the left side and wait for the three-second cue to get started.

make a professional video

In your narration, tap on the first clip as you begin talking about it. When a clip is highlighted with a green border, that’s what will be shown in the final production. As you continue to narrate, select each consecutive clip. Videolicious 2.0 has made this process easier by allowing you to see clips you’re describing.

In each clip view, you will also see the amount of time left before that clip ends. You of course don’t have to use the entire clip. You can actually trim within the app as you narrate by moving on to your next clip. Also, when you tap on preview clips, your finger will not show up in the video.

You can also cut back to a shot of yourself during the narration by tapping anywhere on the screen. When done, you can review your story and save it for the next step, which is adding the music.

Videolicious offers a nice selection and variety of theme music to choose from, or you can import music from your iTunes library on your device. After you select a theme, Videolicious allows you to preview how it will sound in your production. You can control the sound level of your music and your voice, at this stage in the process.

make a professional video

After selecting your theme music, your production is complete. You tap and save your production in standard or high definition. From there you upload your production to your Videolicious account. You can also upload directly to YouTube, as well as send a link to Twitter or Facebook.

make a professional video

Extra Tips

Depending upon your experience with video editing and how professional you want your video to appear, the Videolicious process can require some thoughtful planning and practice. Though I have produced professional wedding videos, I suck at voice narration. So my less than one minute production (link below) actually took nearly 30 minutes to produce.

To produce this how-to video within the time limit (50 seconds for the free version of Videolicious), I actually typed my how-to script, and then decided to use mic only narration. I also put all my screenshots into a separate album in my Photo Library application. By putting them in a separate album, you can arrange them in the order you want, which makes it easier to select them from within the Videolicious app process.

make a professional video for free

As I practiced my narration and editing, I had to go back more than a few times to make screenshots to match the narration, which I actually wrote after I created the shots. It might be a good idea to write or outline a script beforehand.

Note also in the narration process, you can turn the camera lens onto someone else for the narration part. As that person narrates, you select the video clips. You can also shoot a separate narration clip (put your camera on a tripod for a more steady shot) and import it into Videolicious – after you have selected your B-roll clips. This approach provides better control over your narration because you don’t have to videotape yourself and select clips at the same time. It was what I ended up doing in the how-to video above.

In many ways, Videolicious is much easier than using iMovie. In fact, the company will be releasing a Mac desktop version of Videolicious in August.

how to produce a professional video

Let us know what you think of Videolicious and how you plan to use it.


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