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How to search Google Maps for upcoming events near you

By Ed Rhee2013-10-10

Google Maps can now display Upcoming Events cards so you can quickly check which performers or shows will be playing near you.

Google Maps upcoming events card detail

The latest update to Google Maps is rolling out some important new features. Multiple destinations is the highlight of the update, finally adding back a feature that existed before the last major update. The new update also adds reservation searches for restaurants, flights and hotels, but the most fun new feature might be the Upcoming Events cards.

Using Google Maps, you can now search for your favorite venue and see what events are coming up there. What's even cooler is searching an entire area for upcoming events.

To search for upcoming musical events near you, search for "music venues" in Google Maps with your city or ZIP code. The venues in the area will then be plotted on the map for you to select.

Google Maps music venue search

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Select one of the venues to display the venue's card. If that venue supports the Upcoming Events card, you'll see "Upcoming Events" at the bottom, along with the name of the next event.

Google Maps upcoming events

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If you click on the Upcoming Events card, you'll see a list of some of the upcoming events at that venue. Clicking on the event will take you to an external site for more details.

Google Maps upcoming events card

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You can also search for comedy clubs and musicals, but sporting events seem to work best when you choose the specific venue.


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