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Keep Your Life Goals In Sight By Breaking Them Down Into Small Increments On Everest [iOS]

By Saikat Basu2013-02-05

A few days back, my friend Ryan wrote a very nice piece on keeping an eye on the big picture and how to make progress with little steps. Life goals and achievement experts also advocate the same. Take any of your goals and break them down into the smallest achievable steps. Focus on the smallest step and take it…but keep the big picture on the radar.

Climbing any of life’s peaks could be the same I guess. Even if it’s as daunting as Everest. The smallest step? It of course, starts with a dream.

“If you don’t have a mountain, build one and then climb it. And after you climb it, build another one; otherwise you start to flatline in your life.”

I believe Sylvester Stallone when he says this. He has climbed his personal peaks. But we, the average Joes have to climb ours, and that’s where a free iOS app aptly called Everest could help.

Live Your Dreams, but Don’t Forget To Capture Them First

Everest is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 6 or later (for free). You can think of Everest as a combination of a goal-setting tool, a bucket list, a vision board, and a productivity coach. At its most basic, it is a getting-things-done app that means to track your journey from a definite beginning to a satisfactory end. As the app developers so pointedly say – Everyone has their Everest. We help you climb yours.


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