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Learn How To Get the Most Out Of Your iPhone With The iPhone Secrets App

By Bakari Chavanu2013-02-20

iphone secretsWe here at MakeUseOf try to highlight the best and most useful tips and tricks for using the latest version of Apple’s iPhone, its most current operating system, iOS 6, and even how to’s for better iPhone photography and videography. But if you are a beginner on iPhone, or you just haven’t had time to learn how to get the most out of the device, you might want to check out the well designed magazine app, iPhone Secrets: Tips & Tricks ($.99 and Free Lite version.)

iPhone Secrets is a comprehensive overview of useful features, settings, and how to’s for starting you on the road to becoming an iPhone power user. The iPhone is a great investment if you know how to use it beyond making and receiving phone calls.

iPhone Secrets has been featured as one of the Top Paid Apps Of 2012 in the iTunes App Store, with over 2.5 million downloads. The organization and easy-to-read content of the app is the reason we have added it to our Best iPhone Apps page.

iphone secrets

iPhone Secrets covers the latest operating system, iOS 6. The book format consists of 170 pages, broken down into 20 chapters. Chapter 1, “Get There Quicker”, is a great overview of the basic features iPhone users should know, including how to multitask, access the Notification Center, handle voice mail, respond to incoming calls, turn on and off the rotation lock, take a screenshot, and much more.


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