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Listen To Your Favorite Music With Jango Personalized Radio [iPhone]

By Joshua Lockhart2013-02-19

jango musicWhether you’re reading, cleaning, cooking, or hiding dead bodies, music can always help enhance your favorite activities. With the advent of smartphones, this makes it so much easier! (Except the dead bodies part – that’s always pretty difficult. I’m not saying this from experience, though – or am I?) However, there’s a wide – and somewhat overpopulated – selection of music apps out there to choose from.

Jango for the iPhone is a music-based app that delivers in-the-background Internet radio to your pocket with relative ease. As you may guess, it’s very similar to other apps in the same genre, but nevertheless, I still think it could be worth it. With clean a clean interface and a wide music selection to boot, what’s not great about it? Let’s go over it, and then you might be able to tell if you like it.

Familiar Functionality

Spotify offers radio, Pandora offers radio, and TuneIn offers radio – what makes Jango any different? Well, there’s not much, to be honest. The app is a bare-bones Internet radio player, but funnily enough, this may be its redeeming quality. To be clear, there are no distractions like queues or social feeds. Instead, you can simply download Jango, open it up, and get straight to the music.

The app allows you to make stations based on artists or genres, and yes, this is a familiarity among apps like this. However, an interesting aspect of this is that you can actually”fine tune” the stations to get rid of bands you don’t like. This is a feature that most similar apps do not have, and its a welcomed addition in my book.


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