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Manage Your Twitter & Accounts With Choqok [Linux]

By Danny Stieben2011-08-13

manage twitter accountFor people who are really tweet-o-holics, constant access to Twitter (or, an open source clone of Twitter) is as much a necessity as food and water. At varying levels, this may also be true for those who are fans of Twitter but not necessarily tweet-o-holics.

One possible choice is to have Twitter up and running in the browser most of the time. While this is a feasible solution, you’ll start missing out when the browser is minimized. Also, a browser isn’t exactly lightweight on system resources. Therefore, your best bet would be to use a well-built Twitter desktop client.

About Choqok

Choqok is a slim Twitter and client made to integrate well with the KDE desktop environment. As far as social media clients go, Gwibber may be a more well known piece of software, but it’s best suited to run under a GNOME desktop. You’re always welcome to try Gwibber with KDE, but I’ve always preferred software native to the desktop environment you’re using. With Choqok, you can quickly and easily reach your Twitter stream at any time and get notifications that appear right on your desktop.

Installation & Getting Started

manage twitter account

To get Choqok installed, all you need to do is search for its package with the same name in your package manager and install it along with any dependencies. Once installation is complete, you can launch Choqok from the Internet category in your menu.

Choqok will appear with a splash screen and ask you to add an account. Go ahead and click yes, then move around the options window to the Accounts section. On the left side, there should be an add button, where you can add an account to the appropriate service. Remember that falls under “StatusNet“. Follow it’s instructions until it says you are authenticated.


multiple twitter accounts

The main window of the program is kept simple and organized. At the top you have your menus (as always), along with a custom “More” menu which lets you choose from a few more options that work with Twitter, and a “Mark all as read” button. The empty box between that and your timelines is for your status updates. Anything you send here (by using the Enter key on your keyboard as there is no send button) will be sent to whatever account you have currently selected.

To send something to multiple accounts at once you can choose Quick Post from the File menu and choose which account (or all) you want to send a notice/tweet to.


The timelines themselves are nicely organized into little tabs. You have a tab for each category Twitter offers on its site as well - Home, Replies, and Inbox (for direct messages). You can click on them and manipulate them as you wish.


manage twitter account

Choqok also has a decent amount of behavioral options, which may be important to some as it includes the ability to change the URL shortening service that it uses.


Choqok is a great little program that easily lets you stay in the loop when it comes to Twitter. Its ease of use and overall speed can be well-appreciated by those who use it. Choqok works well with multiple accounts, so managing multiple streams should be no problem at all. Try it out. I promise it’ll be better than your browser.

How do you feel about Twitter desktop clients? What client (both desktop and web) do you use? Let us know in the comments.


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