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Orchestra: Set Up To-Do Lists For You And Your Friends

By Joshua Lockhart2013-02-20

collaborative todo listI’m a very busy person, but at the same time, I’m a very disorganized person. Oddly enough, part of my disorganization actually comes from my tendency to try and stay organized. Why? I have so many different methods of making it happen that it gets very cluttered together!

Fortunately, there’s Orchestra – an iPhone app that gives you an easy-to-read, simple-to-use collaborative to-do list on which you can add a continuous stream of your upcoming tasks.

From voice recognition to group collaboration, the app has it all, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be adding it to your app library. Let’s take a look at it.

What It Does (And How Well It Does It)

I have been looking forever for a simple to-do list app that doesn’t require me to map out calendars, manage projects, or set up checklists for the to-do lists. With Orchestra, I don’t have to worry about any of the extras. The app only lets you make one continuous to-do list, and for the most disorganized people like me, sometimes that’s just what we need.

The app lets you add tasks to your queue via voice or text input. Personally, I preferred the voice option – it was fun and relatively simple to use. Furthermore, I didn’t have to waste time typing out stuff that would be faster saying. This is ideal for those of you who are on the go or are even driving (which I do a lot).


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