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Put iOS 7's Control Center on your Mac

By Matt Elliott2013-10-17

If you like the new Control Center on iOS 7 so much that you want to add a similar panel of convenience to your Mac, well, there's an app for that.

It's not an exact replica of iOS 7's Control Center panel, but Controls+ adds convenient shortcuts to adjust screen brightness, control iTunes, turn on a flashlight, and start a timer. The app is currently selling for 99 cents, though it appears it'll jump to $4.99 tomorrow if the app's description is accurate in the Mac App Store.

After installing the app and launching it, you'll see a new icon added to your menu bar. Click on it and a drop-down window appears. The window has four tabs: Display, iTunes, Timer, and Settings.

On the Display tab, you'll find a slider to adjust screen brightness, an area to drop an image to use as your Mac's wallpaper, a button to start your screen saver, and a button to turn on a flashlight. The flashlight feature opens a window of bright, plain white that you can move around so you can use other apps while it's open. It's useful for throwing more light on your face during video chats, for instance.

On the iTunes tab, album art is displayed for the song you are listening to along with media control buttons and a volume slider. The Timer tab provides a simple timer with lap functionality, while the only setting on the Settings tab is the option to start the app when you log in to OS X.

(Via Lifehacker)

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