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ReadKit Syncs Your Instapaper, Pocket, And Readability Bookmarks [Mac]

By Bakari Chavanu2013-01-19

sync instapaper macAnyone who is an avid reader of online articles no doubt uses one of several RSS feed readers for bookmarking articles and other content. Services like Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability for both the Mac and iOS devices, allow you to selectively save articles and read them later. These applications are essential for managing the flood of reading content we come across on a daily basis.

Existing bookmarking services probably work fine for most of us, but if you’re a Mac and web power user you may be using more than one bookmarking service and application. This is where a new app called ReadKit comes in. It syncs and downloads all your bookmarks from Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability. Or it can be used as a stand alone alternative to these applications.


Why Use It?

The user interface and main features of ReadKit are most similar to Pocket; however, the former service is not yet integrated with dozens of other third-party apps as is Pocket. In other words, many iOS apps like the popular magazine reader Zite include sharing buttons for both Pocket and Instapaper.

sync instapaper mac

And though you can manually add bookmarks to ReadKit, it doesn’t yet have a web extension to quickly bookmark articles. So at this point, ReadKit is most useful if you happen to use one or more of the above services.

Because I bookmark so many articles on a daily basis, I use both Instapaper and Pocket for saving different types of content. So ReadKit could come in handy for when I want to search and access all my bookmarked content from both services.

instapaper sync bookmarks

The only caveat for using Instapaper with ReadKit, however, is that you need a subscription to Instapaper’s premium account, which cost a $1 per month.

Main Features

Clearly ReadKit is built off the main features of existing bookmarking services and applications. Its features include off-line reading, customizable interface for changing the font style, size, line spacing, and alignment of articles; focus mode for reading without other interface elements, and a built-in browser for reading articles.

One small but perhaps significant difference between ReadKit and Pocket is that the user-interface of the former application is much more resizable. You can hide both of the side panels and focus solely on a selected article. This feature is most useful for using the application on a laptop.

instapaper sync bookmarks

You can also archive articles, as well as star them to the Favorites folder. Like Pocket, ReadKit can filter synced content to show only bookmarked videos or images. And of course, all content is searchable.

instapaper sync bookmarks

As you might expect, ReadKit’s sharing capabilities include email, Facebook, Message, and Twitter; but unlike Pocket, you can’t share to Evernote.

sync instapaper pocket

ReadKit’s preferences include UI themes for reading under various lighting situations. You can also select to have the number of unread articles appear on the application’s icon in the dock, as well as sort bookmarks by newest, oldest, or by type.

sync instapaper mac

As of this review, ReadKit ($1.99) is 50% off in the Mac App Store. If you are already using Pocket or Readability on your Mac, you may not need ReadKit unless you’re looking to merge the bookmarks from two or more of the other bookmarking applications and services.

Let us know what you think of ReadKit, and if you think it might be useful to you.


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