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TCPMP – The Best 3GP Player For Windows Mobile

By Karl L. Gechlik2009-11-30

As you all know from some of my recent Windows Mobile articles (here and here) and maybe you have read the The Ultimate Guide To Your Windows Mobile Phone I wrote a while back ““ I love Windows Mobile. It is my favorite mobile operating system. The one thing a mobile operating system needs to compete in this day and age is a awesome media player that can play anything on the go.

My go-to application for Windows Mobile is hands down TCPMP. TCPMP has been discontinued but it still does everything that it needs to and it is free. And by everything I mean it literally plays every file type on your Windows Mobile including 3GP. How could you beat that? Well quite simply, you cannot!

And for those of you who don’t know — 3GP is a file type commonly found on a camera or mobile phone.

You can grab the download for this 3GP player for Windows Mobile from here. Go ahead and download the latest release .72 rc1 as either a file that can be installed via Activesync or as a cab file that can be installed over the air or copying it to the storage card and installing directly on the device.

Once it is installed you will see an icon on the start menu that looks like mine in the lower left hand side like so.

3gp player for windows mobile

Launch the app, then hit File->Open and you will see your 3GP files and select it to open it. You also can see it works in landscape view like so as well.

3gp player for windows mobile

You see, you have loads of options for videos: video speed, orientation, pixel aspect ratio, audio, view, repeat and more from the main options menu.3gp player for windows mobile

The File menu gives you playlists, open file dialogue, next or previous video, media info and benchmark tools.

3gp mobile player for mobile

Once you open the video you will see it and if you click the screen it will go to fullscreen mode removing the bars at the top and bottom.

3gp mobile player for mobile

Creating a playlist is as simple as choosing Playlist and then hitting the plus button to add items.

3gp mobile player for mobile

Next up let’s explore the settings menu. The first screen shows you the language of the system, the platform and Operating System. It shows the OEM information and the clock speed of the processor. This is where you can change the applications language if English isn’t your primary language.

download mobile 3gp videos

In the File menu, you can also set the file associations on your device so you can have specific file types open with TCPMP automatically like 3GP or AVI. This comes in very handy; you can just launch a video file and it will open your video application of choice ““ TCPMP.

download mobile 3gp videos

Just check the file types you want TCPMP to handle automatically like play lists files .pls or FLAC files ““ which is not supported by many apps but TCPMP does!

download mobile 3gp videos

Do you have another application that can play 3GP or FLAC videos on the Windows Mobile because I haven’t seen another one that is free. Share your favorites with us in the comments!


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