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The PS4 Revealed: 10 PlayStation 4 Videos All Gamers Should Watch

By Dave Parrack2013-03-06

playstation 4 videoAfter months of speculation Sony recently entered the eighth generation of video games hardware, joining Nintendo, which kicked it all off by releasing the Wii U at the end of 2012. The not-very-imaginatively-titled PlayStation 4 will be released before the year is out, with PlayStation fans able to look forward to the 2013 holiday season with gusto.

Sony chose to reveal its next-gen plans during a huge conference titled PlayStation Meeting 2013. The nature and specs of the upcoming system were revealed, alongside a new controller (as pictured), and lots of future games, many of which are expected to be launch titles.

What follows is a selection of videos pertaining to the PS4 announcement. Some are official, others are spoofs, more still are trailers of the games we can all expect to be playing on the console by this time next year. They represent most of what we know about the PlayStation 4 at this stage, with more expected to be revealed at E3 2013 in June.

PlayStation 4 Announcement (In Full)

This is the full, unedited PlayStation 4 announcement. At over two hours long it’s only for the committed viewer, though if you were really committed you’d have watched it streaming live as it happened. There are some good parts, but the majority of the PlayStation Meeting 2013 is boring to the point I’d recommend seeking out the highlights instead.

PlayStation 4 Announcement (Abridged)

This is one way of seeing the highlights from the PS4 unveiling, but it’s not meant for those who want to take it seriously. Instead this is an attempt to inject a little humor into proceedings, with one guy (with a distinctly British sense of sarcasm) providing a funny commentary over the top of the (non-)action.

PlayStation: See The Future Commercial

If you’ve watched the full PlayStation 4 reveal then you can skip this one. However, for those who haven’t it provides the best overview of what Sony and its partners are aiming for with the next-gen console. This extended commercial has a distinctly Apple feel to it, but that isn’t a bad thing as the best Apple commercials are absolutely immense.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Trailer

This is the trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall, due to be a PlayStation 4 launch title. This is the fourth title in the Killzone series by Guerrilla Games, with the events of the previous games setting up the future in which Shadow Fall is set. There’s an extended gameplay trailer included in the PlayStation Meeting 2013 footage.

inFAMOUS: Second Son Trailer

This is the trailer for inFAMOUS: Second Son, a PlayStation 4 exclusive due to be released early on in the console’s life. This is the latest title in the inFAMOUS series, but Second Son stars Delsin Rowe rather than Cole MacGrath. The gameplay looks to be similar to the previous titles, but with added innovation meant to keep the series fresh.

Watch Dogs PS4 Gameplay

Watch Dogs was unveiled at E3 2012, where it won plaudits for its visuals, sense of realism, and innovative gameplay. This is an open-world game which employs an eclectic mix of hacking, parkour, stealth, and gunplay to keep gamers interested. Already known to be coming to all current consoles, Watch Dogs is now confirmed for PS4.

Drive Club Gameplay

Drive Club is a brand new racing game from Evolution Studios, and one of the best games on show during the PlayStation 4 unveiling. This is a driving game which reportedly mixes the attention to detail of the Gran Turismo games with the fun of Motorstorm, all wrapped up in a title focused on online team-based racing.

Media Molecule Brings Dreams To Life

Media Molecule is the genius developer behind the LittleBigPlanet series, so what does it have up its sleeve for the PlayStation 4? It’s not altogether clear, even though the company was very much in attendance at the PlayStation Meeting 2013. If this is an actual game then it could be brilliant, but it requires Move, which is a downer.

Leonard Nimoy Introduces PS4

Sony failed to actually show us the PlayStation 4 console, even though that’s what most of us tuned in to see. So it’s left to Leonard Nimoy to reveal what the PS4 actually looks like in this video recorded 30 years ago. What do you mean that’s actually a Magnavox DiscoVision and his lips aren’t moving when he speaks?

PlayStation 4 Hitler Reaction

Last but not least is an addition to an old meme starring none other than Adolf Hitler. I’ve got a soft spot for Hitler reaction videos, and there was always going to be one made regarding the PlayStation 4 announcement. It’s not perfect, but it is funny, and that’s all that really matters.


To be perfectly honest the PlayStation 4 reveal was a disappointment. For starters Sony decided not to reveal the actual console itself, which was rightly viewed by many as a strange choice to make. Then there was the dullness of the speakers, the inconsistency of the game trailers, and the anti-climactic stink that hung over the whole proceedings.

Thankfully we know this is just the beginning of the story of the PS4, with much more to be revealed in the coming months, especially at E3. Microsoft is also expected to unveil its next-gen console at that event, so all eyes will be on Vegas in June.

What are your thoughts on the PlayStation 4 so far? Did the Playstation Meeting 2013 leave you cold or excited about the future of the platform and/or gaming as a whole? Does Microsoft have an advantage now that it’s the last of the big three to show its hand? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Credit: PlayStation Blog



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