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Top 5 Amazon Filler Item Finders To Qualify For Free Shipping

By John McClain2010-04-21

If you have ever done any shopping on, you may notice that the online retailer offers something called Super Saving Shipping (SSS). It’s simply a free shipping option on orders that are $25 or more.

There are, however, a couple of restrictions. To take advantage of SSS, the items that you place in your shopping cart have to be eligible, the shipping speed is 5-9 business days (usually a bit slower than standard), and you must ship to a single address only in the United States. You can read all the fine print here.

You can sure save a reasonable amount of dough scoring free shipping when you shop at Amazon, but what happens when your total comes up just a few dollars or cents shy of the $25 minimum? That’s when you need an Amazon filler item, something that’s usually small and cheap, but also eligible for SSS so that you can just get by without paying for shipping.

Amazon doesn’t really make it easy to look for these Amazon fillers, but fortunately, there’s plenty of websites out there to help.


Amazon filler

The simply designed FillerSeek is good place to start looking for some fillers. Just type in the amount you need for free shipping right on the homepage. You can also specify what kind of products you’d like by selecting the categories.

Amazon filler

The Amazon filler results are nicely displayed with a product image, name, description, and price. Just click on the link to get to the item’s Amazon page.

Filler Item Finder

Amazon filler

Once you type in the amount you need on Filler Item Finder, be sure to hit “Filter by categories.” Not only can you choose a category to search, but also specific products within each category.

As for the results, they’re all neatly displayed with an image, the name of the product linking to Amazon, and its price. I did find that some of the prices shown aren’t accurate, so keep an eye out for those.

Filler Item

Filler Item takes a dead-simple approach to it. Just type in the amount on the homepage and the site simply lists links to Amazon products that are around that price range and eligible for SSS.

Popular products are displayed on the results page in bold, while very popular items are bolded and have an image. The results may look a bit too simple, but it works. The products shown are almost always in stock and prices are usually spot-on.


Another alternative is SuperFiller. The results here are again pretty much as simple as it gets, featuring the prices and links to the Amazon products that are closet to the price you entered.

Don’t like any of them? Displayed below the main results will be different categories with even more listings to choose from.


ClickFiller’s homepage features a bunch of cheap Amazon filler products eligible for SSS that you can add up to get to $25. Otherwise, just enter in your price range, any keywords, or select some categories.

One cool feature about the site is that you can sort all the results by most clicked, most discounted, or bestselling on Amazon, a good way to filter out all the less desirable products.

How do you go about getting free shipping at Amazon? Have any of these sites helped at all? Let us know in the comments.

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