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Top TV Show Apps To Stay In Touch With Your Favorite Characters

By Guy McDowell2013-03-22

best tv show appsThere used to be a theory about celebrities being over-exposed. Hold the jokes for now. It was a serious thing. Agents would refuse to book their clients into too many things, because they were afraid that the public would get too much of the star and become tired or bored with them. If the Paris’, Lindsay’s and Kim’s of Hollywood have taught us anything, it’s that we just don’t get tired of them, even when we see them in the grocery store more often than our neighbors  Okay, go ahead with the over-exposure jokes now.

The fact of the matter is that we continue to follow these people on television, then we follow them on Facebook, then Twitter, then, then…what next!? How about apps that are dedicated to helping you stay in touch with your favorite characters? Now, no matter where you are, as long as you have cell coverage you can count the days until that next big marriage, divorce or sex tape scandal. Or maybe you are just curious what they had for lunch.

You already knew…

…You can follow your favorite athletes shows, actors, teams and even characters on the big social networking sites like Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, and Pinterest. Some celebrities are very active in their social updates like a couple of my favorites - William Shatner on Facebook and Nathan Fillion on Twitter. (Yes, they are both Canadian, it just worked out that way.) Some put out the odd tidbit. Really is that any different than any of your friends? Some of your friends are into these things and some aren’t. I’m not into Pinterest. So be it.You can also turn a Facebook Fan Page into an app for your iOS device.

But did you know…

…There are thousands of apps out there for your Apple or Android devices? Some of them are officially done by the studio, league or station that hosts your favorite character and some are done by independent app developers. Which ones are the best? Hard to say, it all depends what you want out of an app. I have found that with the official apps you might get preferential treatment when it is time for new releases or beat-the-box-office type events. I have also found with the unofficial ones you might get a little more dish than the stars would want you to have. Either way, these apps are easy to find on the iTunes store or Google Play. Just do a search for the celebrity’s name, TV show, or sports team. You can also go to the website for TV stations like or to find apps specific to the shows that they produce.

My Personal Faves…


You already know who I like on Facebook and follow on Twitter, but here are some apps that I’ve downloaded just to keep up on different shows in general. I’m going to list them by the show that they’re for and note that they are all for Android phones. I’m not discriminating, I just can’t afford to have an Android and an iPhone.

Oddly enough, for the shows that I like the app developer is the same one – What that means is that the apps are essentially the same in functionality, they just draw content from different places. There’s the requisite aggregated Twitter feed of the cast members, a ‘Check-In’ for fans to make little notes and let the world know they’re watching the show, and then the aggregated feed of people tweeting about the show.  Under the Camera icon you’ll find links to vignettes or clips from the show and links to articles about the show.

best tv show apps

Under the Calendar icon, they give you the opportunity to connect the app to your Facebook and Twitter account. I like the way they developed this app. It feels like a finished product when you use it, but they also left it totally open to adding new things in the future. The More button gives them that opportunity. It wouldn’t surprise me if different show production companies approached these guys and licensed the app.


Or as we say in Canada, Tee Ehm Zed. This is the electronic age’s answer to yellow journalism. The sad fact is, they do it better than anyone else. The even sadder fact is, I like the app. Clean design, simple to use and, as a bonus, when you want to navigate away from the app, it actually asks you if you want to stop running it. That’s pretty considerate, since most apps just keep running in the background anyway.

tv show apps

The news feed is well organized and easy to read. Clicking on a story takes you to the full details. Using the menu you can also look up videos, photos and more for you latest celeb gossip. At almost any point in your use of the app, you have the ability to share what you’re viewing through e-mail, Twitter, WiFi…pretty much any way that you can imagine spreading gossip. You can even send a hot tip, if you happen to be stargazing. This app does what it does quite well.

Sports of course…

I don’t want to leave out the sports fan here, after all sports is the original drama show. The amount of official team apps out there seems to outnumber the official tv show apps by a significant margin, so the franchises are taking apps seriously! Personally, I’m less of a sports fan than the average guy, but I still enjoy a good hockey game or UFC match. Just to show you what’s possibly with a sports app, here’s some info on the official Edmonton Oiler’s hockey app. (As a side note, Canadians shudder every time someone calls it ‘ice hockey’ – it’s just hockey. That other hockey is ‘field hockey’.)

best tv show apps

Beautiful design, consistent look-and-feel throughout, easy to navigate and the most important info is right there on the home screen. Of course, you can dig deeper with the menu, where you’ll find my favourite feature, the live notifications. I will get ‘push’ notifications to my phone when the Oil is playing. This is so awesome, because I’m one of those people that cut the cable, so I can’t watch the game. But now, I’ll be up to date and conversant at the coffee machine at work again.

The stats pages for the players is a nice feature too. Shown here is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, or the Nuge as some call him. I had the good fortune to see him play as an amateur  You’ve got to see this young guy play – he’s a game changer in a similar way to Gretzky. He brings new moves to the ice. Anyway, enough fanboy outta me for now. If you are a sports statistics geek, you should check out Yahoo Sportacular for an app that gets you all the numbers from all the sports and games.

So there you have it, your shows, your gossip, your sports on your time. What more do you want? If you had this kind of constant information about anyone but a celebrity you’d be charged with stalking!

What are you favorite shows and are there apps for them? Know of any really good apps that put out the insider info? We’re always open to some good gossip in the comments – join us!

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