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Twezr – Better Way To Stay In Sync With Your Friends And Contacts [iPhone]

By Steve Campbell2011-01-25

twezr iphoneHow close are you with the people you have listed under Contacts on your phone? My guess is pretty close, seeing as you take them with you everywhere you go. If this is the case, I would also bet that you reach some of these people in multiple ways, like Twitter perhaps, or Facebook.

Twezr gives your contact list a major upgrade while still enabling you to see your friends and other contacts in the same place. If you have an iPhone, Twezr is an essential app. Imagine being able to look at the contact list on your phone and see emails from your friends, Facebook messages, and direct messages on Twitter, all in one place. See the benefits?

In this article, I’ll be taking you through the ins and outs of this application, showing you everything you can do with it.

What Can I Do With Twezr?

Twezr is your personal organizer – the best way to stay in sync with your close friends and co-workers.

Essentially, Twezr (App Store link) organizes all of your contacts for you. It takes all of the content they’ve shared with you (emails, tweets, etc.) and it puts it in one place on your phone. This allows you to quickly view and respond to the people you’re closest with, even if you aren’t near your computer. No longer will you have to spend all of your excess time logging in and out of your various accounts or running different apps.

twezr iphone

One of Twezr’s key features includes generating a prioritized To See list with your contacts. It’s what tells you when you have shared items from your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can also prioritize your contacts based on how frequently you’ve interacted with them, which offers you a way of sorting your contact list by the people you talk to and interact with the most. Twezr organizes all of the messages you get so they’re easy to sift through.

twezr app

Aside from seeing when you get a message, you can also read and respond to your emails, DMs, tweets, and wall posts right within the app. If you have multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts, you can view those too. You can also post status updates on multiple accounts, which is a key feature.

twezr app

Think incoming messages will be hard to keep track of with Twezr? The app also features an intuitive color-coding system, as well as multiple viewing options, like sorting by contact, message type, or platform.

twezr app

Lastly, the search capabilities you get with Twezr are phenomenal. You can run a full text search across all your email and incoming messages, as well as search all your contacts by their first/last name, email address, company name, or Twitter handle.

twezr iphone

To view some of the benefits you’ll be getting with Twezr, check out this short YouTube video:


Twezr lets you combine the profiles of all your contacts across iPhone, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, IMAP accounts, Facebook, and Twitter and it creates a single comprehensive profile for each.

One thing I forgot to mention was how easily you can make phone calls, send SMS, email, Facebook, or Twitter messages with Twezr, which is definitely a plus. All-in-all, I was thoroughly impressed with this iPhone app. What do you think of it?


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