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Twitter Discontinues iPhone, Android & AIR Versions Of TweetDeck [Updates]

By Bakari Chavanu2013-03-07

Twitter announced this week that it will be discontinuing support for its Adobe AIR version of TweetDeck, as well as TweetDeck for Android and iPhone. The social network says it will be removing these applications from their respective stores in May, and that the apps themselves will stop working shortly thereafter. Facebook integration is also being discontinued.

TwwetDeck AIR, as well as TweetDeck for iPhone and Android rely on version 1.0 of Twitter’s API, which the company plans to retire later this month. This means that these apps may experience some outages and breaks prior to their removal from app stores, so it might be a good idea to start looking for replacements right now.

This move does not mean an end for TweetDeck, though. Over the past 18 months, Twitter had been focusing its efforts on TweetDeck’s Web app and Chrome app,  improving the Twitter experience and introducing new features such as search filters, auto-complete and automatic updating.

If you don’t mind leaving your Twitter experience to the Web, TweetDeck’s Chrome app and Web client could still fulfill all your needs. Alternatively, you could download TweetDeck for Mac or Windows. If you’ve been using TweetDeck’s mobile apps, or if your mind is set on finding an alternative regardless, there are several alternative desktop and Web Twitter clients you should check out, and many mobile apps that can give TweetDeck a run for its money, such as Tweetbot for iPhone or Falcon Pro for Android.

What alternative would you recommend for TweetDeck?

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