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Viddy – Micro Video Blogging For iPhone Users

By Bakari Chavanu2011-05-23

micro video bloggingMany of you may remember the Twitter-style micro-video blogging site in which members posted 12-second videos of about whatever was going on in their life. For some reason however, the site closed last October. Well, if you’re an iPhone user, a new and similar mobile version of the 12seconds micro video blogging has started up, and it’s called Viddy [iTunes Store link].

Viddy is a “life-streaming movie studio” iPhone app that allows you to create 15-second videos, complete with background music and special effect filters. Videos can be uploaded, shared, and watched, via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, similar to how photos are shared using the photo blogging app, Instagram. One major thing Viddy has in its favor is the video camera of the iPhone 4. The app’s front-facing camera makes it ideal for personal micro-video blogging. Viddy integrates well with the video app and with leading social networking sites.

Main Features

The main features of Viddy include the ability to shoot video from within the app itself or select from existing videos in your iPhone Camera Roll. If you record a video from within the app, the iPhone’s timer pops up to help you monitor the 15-second time limit. On the other hand, if your existing video in your iPhone is too long, you can trim it from within the app, but unfortunately no timer pops up to help scale to the maximum time.

micro video blogging

Next, you can apply one of a collection of filters to a video – black-and-white, hued, vintage, junked and 3D. You get to preview your applied video effect before sharing it; however, it does take several seconds for the applied effect and the music track to process.

video blogging

Also, you must apply video effects if you want to use the default music track in the video. Viddy provides only one background audio track (a cool jazzy selection), and for some reason you can‘t select a sound track from your iTunes library. If you’re in a hurry, you may want to skip the effects and video process, or use Apple‘s iMovie to add music and transitions before uploading via Viddy.

The last step in the process is to label your video and select the sites where you want to share it.

video blogging

Other Features

Viddy has a similar interface and social community features found in the photo sharing app, Instagram, and popular online social networking sites.

You create your “Following” list from contacts you have in your Address Book, Twitter and Facebook feed, or by searching Viddy‘s current list of users.

micro video blogging

Viddy also includes “Popular” videos based on the number of liked votes. You can of course select videos as favorites.

App Wishes

Overall, Viddy is a nice clean app, with a bit of style. It should pick up attraction when it can be used in other popular mobile devices. Optimization for the Android, iPad 2, Windows 7 and BlackBerry are in the works.

However, I wish for a few other important features. First off, it would be great if users could create a playlist of selected videos instead of having to tap the Done button and go back to the feed each time to view another video.

Next, if this app and service becomes popular enough, please allow users to browse videos by tags or channels, and encourage users to do video captures beyond the personal blogging type. It would be great to have separate channels for say short videos of concerts, restaurants, presentations, tourist sites, product reviews, news snippets, birthday celebrations, etc. Some videos in the feed are too personal to care about.

It’s too early to tell how popular Viddy will become. But it certainly has the potential to enhance mobile videography similar to other new apps like the video production and editing app, Videolicious and the video sharing program, Showyou.

Let us know what you think of Viddy. Will you be posting videos to share?

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