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White Noise Lite is a mobile sound machine for Android

By Nicole Cozma2013-10-14

Wish you had a sound machine on your vacation to make getting to sleep easier and more peaceful? Tired of listening to random office noises? Try this app to keep calm and carry on.

When you're away from home, even the smallest of distractions can keep you from getting to bed at your desired time. Sure, you could bring one of those sound machines on the trip, but that's just another thing to remember to pack.

White Noise Lite is a great utility app that plays relaxing sounds and can be used on your Android phone or tablet. You'll find some pretty standard sounds in the free version, like water flowing, crickets, chimes, and an oscillating fan. This app is especially useful for blocking out distracting noises at work, or when you just need a moment to relax.

Ready to try it out? Download White Noise Lite for your Android device. When opening the app, you'll see one of the sounds has already been selected, and you can hit play to hear it. If you want to choose another sound, just tap the list button along the bottom (it looks like a piece of paper with lines).

If you're using the app for sleeping, or you just want a desk clock, tap the moon icon and a digital clock will be displayed. This clock is very bright! To turn down the brightness, tap and hold on the screen and slide down.

The Lite version has 10 sounds to choose from, but if you decide to upgrade, you'll get access to 30 more. An upgrade will also let you upload as many of your own sounds as you like, listen to the app in the background while using other apps, and remove the advertisements.

What do you think? Will this replace the relaxation sound machine you normally need to get to sleep or relax? If not, share the name of your favorite app that gets the job done.


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